Surveillance System

IP Video Surveillance and CCTV

No-one in business can escape the speed of change.

And with its rapid developments in closed and open circuit
technologies, surveillance is no exception.

Supplier Partnerships

We work with world-class manufacturers including Cisco, Panasonic, Pelco
and Indigovision to stay at the forefront of this ever evolving technology,
ensuring that you are provided with the highest quality, most cost effective


The continual advances in Video Surveillance technology have led
to a significant increase in both the capacity and capability of Video
Surveillance systems, and there are now cameras available that will
provide video images in virtually any environment.

Your Project

But we recognise that every installation is different – we tailor our systems
to meet your needs. This is why IT and Security Managers as well as
end-users of Video Surveillance systems depend on companies such as
Alphatronics to correctly design, install and maintain systems for any given set of circumstances.

IP Video systems get more effective every day. Let us guide you
through the best products.

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